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Intuit Payroll Options & Pricing

From getting you set up to handling your payroll taxes, Intuit makes sure your payroll and employees are taken care of. Choose from either Intuit Assisted Payroll (payroll done in QuickBooks Desktop) or Intuit Full Service Payroll (payroll done externally by Intuit).

Intuit Assisted Payroll

• Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop
• Instant paychecks & tax calculations
• Federal and State tax forms included
• Error free paycheck
• No tax penalties
• Job Costing and Class Tracking
• Free Direct Deposit

QuickBooks Full Service Payroll

Full Service
• Works with or without QuickBooks
• Instant paychecks & tax calculations
• Federal and State tax forms included
• Error free paycheck
• No tax penalties
• Payroll setup completed for you
• Free Direct Deposit
• Run payroll online

Compare Intuit Assisted vs. Full Service Payroll:

Both Assisted and Full Service include Intuit handling tax payments and filings. The major difference between the two are Assisted is done in QuickBooks and Full Service is done externally by Intuit. Assisted is also best for those with robust Job Costing needs. See all features and differences below:

Features Full Services Assisted
Integrates with QuickBooks
Instant paychecks and automatic tax calculations
Pay by check or direct deposit
Federal and State tax forms included and automatically filled in
Free expert support - phone, chat and email

Job Costing and Class Tracking


Error free paycheck and no tax penalties, guaranteed

Run payroll from within QuickBooks Desktop


Run payroll online


Payroll setup completed for you


Taxes are filed and paid for you


Local taxes included

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