Intuit Full Service Payroll

Starting from $59.00 + $2.00 per employee

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Starting from $59.00 + $2.00 per employee

From getting you set up to handling your payroll taxes, Intuit makes sure your payroll and employees are taken care of. Total pay and hours are instantly calculated for you—so you can print checks or use free direct deposit. Error detection technology ensures accuracy.

Proactive Payroll

Intuit Full Service Payroll makes it easy for you to run payroll, by simply entering in hours – and we do the rest, including:

  • Set up your payroll information & verify social security numbers.
  • Let you preview your payroll before the final submission.
  • File and pay your taxes for you – guaranteed accurate and on time.
  • Alert you if you input hours that differ from what you typically enter.
  • Remind you when you need to have funds available for tax payments.
  • Monitor and flag potential issues before your payroll is submitted.

Mobile Payroll

Fast and easy payroll on-the-go that automatically syncs with your Intuit Payroll account.

  • Create accurate paychecks for employees and contractors
  • E-pay taxes and e-file forms in all states
  • Pay workers by direct deposit (it’s free!)
  • Get timely reminders on upcoming payday and tax deadlines
  • View past paychecks